Trigger Virtual Jailbreak for iOS 15.1

Trigger Virtual Jailbreak for iOS 15.1

A couple of days after releasing iOS 15, Apple released iOS 15.1 beta to the developers. And the public version of iOS 15.1 will be released soon with features like Share Play. iOS 15.1 jailbreak will be the next question among the jailbreak lovers. Unfortunately there are no jailbreak tools confirmed for iOS 15.1 nor iOS 15 at the moment.

But here is some interesting news for iOS 15.1 users and you can virtually jailbreak your iOS 15.1 running device using Trigger Virtual Jailbreak. Let’s see what Trigger Jailbreak actually is.

Trigger is a virtual jailbreak tool which supports iOS 15.1 and the latest devices like iPhone 13. You can install demo versions of Cydia and Sileo using this trigger jailbreak. Also some jailbreak apps and tweaks without jailbreaking. Apart from that, Trigger is a reversible process and easy to install and it is really easy to use. Let’s see how to Install Trigger Jailbreak.

How to Install Trigger Jailbreak?

Installing Trigger is an online process and you will be required to connect to the internet before performing this virtual jailbreaking process. After connecting to the internet, you can click the button below 👇

Install Trigger Virtual Jailbreak

(Make sure that you use Safari Browser for the process)

Features of Trigger Jailbreak

Trigger virtual jailbreak gives you more features just like a stable jailbreak. Let’s see what those features are.

Cydia and Sileo

We know Cydia and Sileo are available after jailbreaking your device with a stable jailbreak tool. But this virtual jailbreak tool allows you to install Cydia and Sileo as your preferred. After jailbreak iOS 15.1 using trigger jailbreak it will ask to select the virtual package manager. These Cydia and Sileo apps are not fully functional package managers. But you can experience Cydia and Sileo using these demo apps.

#iOS Customisations

iOS customisation is the ultimate goal of iOS jailbreak. After jailbreaking with Trigger virtual jailbreak, you can customise your iOS 15.1 running device in different ways. This virtual jailbreak allows you to install third-party app stores like Ataler and Saynmo. Using these app stores you can install jailbreak themes, apps and tweaks. Here is the list of available iOS 15.1 jailbreak customisations

  • Install themes
  • Install wallpapers
  • Install wallpapers
  • Install custom launch screens
  • Keyboard customisations
  • Unlimited movie watching
  • Hacked games download
  • Social media ++ apps download
  • Game emulators
  • Download Apple Carplay alternatives
  • Download NGXplay and Carbridge for iOS 15.1 and more

Device Compatibility of Trigger Jailbreak

Trigger jailbreak supports all devices from iPhone 6S and above running iOS 15.1. The newest iPhone 13 is also compatible with Trigger virtual jailbreak.

You may install Cydia on iPhone 13 With Trigger Jailbreak

Other Possible Jailbreak Tools for iOS 15.1

As Checkra1n is only compatible with older devices such as iPhoneX and below, and till iOS 15, Checkra1n will not be the jailbreaking tool for iOS 15 users. Uncover, Taurine and Manticore are the biggest hopes for iOS 15.1 and for the users with new devices.

Jailbreak Solutions for iOS 15.1

There are plenty of jailbreak solutions for iOS 15.1. We will look at the top few of them.


Saynmo is an iOS Customization app store without jailbreak. You can install themes with different categories, install beautiful wallpapers, customize default keyboards, install social media ++ apps, download hacked games and more jailbreak tweaks with Saynmo. You can do this all without jailbreak.


BreakJail is an iOS jailbreak tools finder and downloader. You can install BreakJail for your iOS 15.1 running device without jailbreak. After installing BreakJail it will show all possible jailbreak tools for all devices and all iOS versions. If you want to get only iOS 15.1 supportive tools you can filter and it will show iOS 15.1 jailbreak tools. Then you can select and install the jailbreak tool you want.

iOS 15.1 Release Date and Jailbreak News

Apple has not yet confirmed the release date of iOS 15.1. Mostly iOS 15.1 will be released within the next 2-3 weeks. We will update you with the iOS 15.1 jailbreak news. Visit our official website for more information.

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