How to Download & Install Cydia? [With / Without Jailbreak]

How to Download & Install Cydia? [With / Without Jailbreak]

Cydia is the most popular iOS application manager for jailbroken iOS devices. Currently, Cydia app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touches. Cydia enables you to install apps and tweaks that are not originally available for jailed iDevices.

Listed below are the tested and verified methods to install fully-functional Cydia on your jailbroken device along with Cydia alternatives for your non-jailbroken device.

Cydia alternative solutions below in general enables you to install third party apps and tweaks on your iPhone/ iPad without jailbreak.

Cydia Repo Extractor Method

Reposi Repo Extractor is a one-stop destination to find an array of verified and trusted sources to install Cydia on your device.

Install Cydia from Reposi App Now →
  • Reposi supported devices: iPhone 14 Pro Max and below
  • Reposi supported iOS: up to iOS 16.6 and iOS 17

Reposi caters to both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices to serve the purpose. For example, you can find sources to install fully-functional Cydia if you're into jailbreaking.

On the other hand, if you are not into jailbreaking or if your device is not jailbreakable yet, Reposi offers you an array of sources to install virtual Cydia on your device.

How to install Cydia from Reposi?

Step 1: Install the Reposi app using the button above.

Step 2:

  • For fully-functional Cydia, add the Repo URL - - and follow the onscreen instructions to install Cydia directly into your device.
  • For Virtual Cydia, add the Repo URL - - to get Virtual Cydia from Unc0ver Virtual or Unc0ver Black Edition.

You can also get Cydia from verified third-party apps through the Reposi repo extractor. If that's your choice, add the Repo URL - - and follow the onscreen instructions.

So that you can install Cydia from a wide array of trusted third-party apps including Zeon, Sileem, Appvalley , Tweakbox, Tutubox Lite, and Pangu8 store.

Cydia for iOS 17

Since there is no jailbreak tool available at the ostime being for iOS 17 jailbreak, it's impossible to install Cydia original version on iOS 17 currently. However, Cydia Lite is now available for iOS 17 with a decent database of tweaks that you can run on iOS 17 without jailbreak which you can check below.

Tig Xingo Virtual Jailbreak - Best Cydia Alternative for iOS 17

Tig Xingo is a virtual jailbreak tool that was ideally developed for iOS 17 jailbreak. This jailbreak tool offers Cydia Lite as well as Sileo Lite as the package managers. Tig Xingo works on both iPhones and iPads.

Cydia Lite Tweaks offerings by Tig Xingo:

  1. Theming tweaks
  2. Hacked gaming tweaks with premium access
  3. Hacked third-party apps tweaks with premium features
  4. Social media tweaks
  5. Game Emulator tweaks, etc.

Why Tig Xingo?

  1. Does not void Apple warranty of your device
  2. Tested on iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPad 10th Generation, 2022 to install tweaks and no issues were reported
Install Tig Xingo Free Now →

Cydia for iOS 16 - iOS 16.6

Cydia for iOS 16

The one and only way to install fully functional Cydia on iOS 16 is by jailbreaking the device. However, iOS 16.6 jailbreak - iOS 16 jailbreak is only possible with the Palera1n Developer version, and you'll have to jailbreak your device first for fully-functional Cydia.

Still, you can look into alternative ways to have virtual Cydia (with limited functionality) on iOS 16 - iOS 16.5. You can use the Cydia Repo Extractor method discussed above to serve the purpose.

Misaka Tweak Manager - Best Cydia Alternative for iOS 16

Misaka is a jailbreak-free tweak manager that works on the MacDirtyCow exploits, hence supports iOS 15 - iOS 16.1.2 on iOS 14 Pro Max and below.

You can install all DirtyCow tweaks from Misaka Tweak Manager without jailbreak.

You can now install Misaka Tweak Manager FOR FREE from the Taig9 IPA Store below.

Install Taig9 IPA Store Now →

Also, now you can check top Cydia Apps for iOS 16.5 - iOS 16 here!

Cydia for iOS 15 - iOS 15.7.7

Cydia for iOS 15

iOS 15 jailbreak is now possible either with Palera1n developer version, XinaA15 or with Fugu15. However, out of these tools, only Palera1n offers Cydia as an option.

Yet, Virtual Cydia can be downloaded from Unc0ver (Virtual) and Checkra1n (Virtual) for iOS 15 - iOS 15.6.1. For now, you can download Cydia alternatives for iOS 15 versions. Otherwise, you can download the Cydia Demo app.

Whether you want fully-functional Cydia or virtual Cydia, you can get both done using the Cydia Repo Method via Reposi Repo Extractor above.

Best Cydia Alternative for iOS 15 - iOS 15.7.7

The best Cydia alternative for iOS 15 - iOS 15.7.7 are the MacDirtyCow tweaks. These tweaks work on the DirtyCow exploit. The specialty of MacDirtyCow tweaks are you can alter even serious settings such as default system sounds on your iPhone/ iPad and there's plenty more.

You can now download all the available MacDirtyCow tweaks completely FOR FREE from the Taig9 IPA Store below.

Install Taig9 IPA Store Now →

After installing the T9 IPA Store, scroll down to the DirtyCow Tweaks section and lay your hands on any desired tweak/s of your choice now.

Cydia for iOS 14 - iOS 14.8.1

Cydia for iOS 14

Downloading Cydia for iOS 14 - iOS 14.8.1 is possible with Checkra1n Jailbreak. But if you have a newer iPhone than iPhone X, you will only be able to install Cydia till iOS 14.8 using unc0ver jailbreak. You may install Sileo for iOS 14 - iOS 14.3 using Taurine jailbreak.

Cydia for iOS 13 - iOS 13.7

Cydia for iOS 13

Cydia download for iOS 13 - iOS 13.7 is available with Checkra1n Jailbreak for older devices below iPhone X and Unc0ver Jailbreak for newer devices up to iPhone 13. If you don't want to jailbreak, you can install Cydia Alternatives for iOS 13 - iOS 13.7.

Cydia for iOS 12 - iOS 12.5.7

Cydia for iOS 12

Checkra1n Jailbreak is released for iOS 12.5.7, and full functional Cydia is now available for iOS 12 - iOS 12.5.5  You can also install Cydia for iOS 12 - iOS 12.5.7 using Unc0ver Jailbreak.

Cydia Alternatives are available for iOS 12 - iOS 12.5.5 for non jailbroken devices.

Install Cydia without Jailbreak

The only way to download Cydia is “Jailbreaking”. But there is a way to experience Cydia without jailbreak. Let’s see how.

Cydia Demo

Cydia Demo is a lightweight version of Cydia. You can download the Cydia demo without jailbreaking your device.

You can download the Cydia demo using Reposi App

Install Reposi (No Jailbreak) →

Add following URL to Install Cydia Demo

Features of Cydia Demo

Here are the top features of the Cydia Demo app.

  1. No jailbreak is required to install and use the Cydia Demo.
  2. Supports all iOS versions up to iOS 15.2
  3. Compatible with any device even for the latest iPhone 13 devices.
  4. Easy installation method.
  5. No need a computer to install Cydia Demo app
  6. 100% free

Top 2 Cydia Alternatives

We know that Cydia is only available with a jailbreak. But there are some alternatives for Cydia available to download without jailbreak. Let’s see the top Cydia alternatives.

1. Saynmo

Saynmo is specially designed for iOS 15 and iOS 16 users. But it also supports a lower version. Saynmo contains lots of no jailbreak apps and tweaks in a variety of categories. You can install Saynmo from the button below.

Install Saynmo

Here are the popular apps and tweaks that Saynmo offers.

  • Jailbreak Tweaks

Saynmo contains many tweaks. You can install all of them without jailbreaking. Here are the popular tweaks that Saynmo offers.

  • Spotify ++
  • Watusi
  • Facebook++
  • Tinder++
  • iTransmission
  • Insta Rocket etc.
  • Hacked Games

You can install hacked and cracked games with Saynmo app. No jailbreak needed.

  • Jailbreak Tools

Saynmo provides jailbreak tools for iOS 9 - iOS 15. You can download any jailbreak tool according to your iOS version and jailbreak your device to have fully functional Cydia.

  • Third-Party App Stores

There are popular third-party apps available in Saynmo. You can install tweaks, install themes and wallpapers, install Carplay apps and more.

2. Ataler

Ataler is no jailbreak iOS customization app store. Ataler contains themes, wallpapers, and more. You can install Ataler from the below button.

Install Ataler

Here are the top few apps that Ataler offers.

  • Colorup - iOS themes and wallpaper collection
  • Jian - iOS keyboard customization app
  • Tweaqi - Tweaks collection
  • Launchify - iPhone / iPad launch screen customization app
  • Movian - Unlimited movie collection

Cydia Apps

Cydia apps are third party applications which are not available in the App Store. Unlike tweaks, some Cydia apps can be installed on an iDevice regardless of the jailbreak status of your device. That means even though some devices/ iOS versions cannot be jailbroken, you can experience many themes and extensions outside the App Store. Almost all the apps in Cydia are free to install. Therefore, you have the complete privilege of trying out those so-called apps at no cost.

Cydia apps give/enable you

  • New themes to give a new appearance to your iDevice
  • Emulators for games
  • Redesign the iOS default interface and modify flows
  • Create your own ringtone
  • Download files directly to your iDevice
  • Modified versions of apps

Most popular Cydia apps / Cydia Tweaks

  • Activator
  • Auxo 3
  • Alkaline
  • Apex 2
  • AppLocker

If you are still new to jailbreak or reluctant for a jailbreak, you still can experience this Cydia app with Cydia demo version.

Best Cydia Tweaks

Here are the best Cydia Tweaks.

  1. Cylinder
  2. RealCC
  3. Alkaline
  4. No3DCursor
  5. Activator
  6. SafariAutoCorrect
  7. Auxo 3
  8. Tap Tap Lock
  9. AppLocker
  10. RingPercentLabel
  11. Apex 2
  12. Velox Reloaded 2
  13. Cercube 3
  14. BioLockdown
  15. MediaWidget
  16. Bytafont 3
  17. PowerWidget
  18. Browser Changer
  19. InvisibleWidget
  20. GuestMode

Cydia Sources / Repos

  • APP Cake / iPhone Cake
    • Repo:
  • Intelliborn
    • Repo:
  • BigBoss
    • Repo:
  • ZodTTD
    • Repo:
  • Modmyi
    • Repo:
  • vShare
    • Repo:
  • SiNful iPhone
    • Repo:
  • BiteYourApple
    • Repo:
    • Repo:
  • FilippoBiga
    • Repo:

How to use Cydia?

If you have a doubt of using Cydia here is the full guide.

Step 1: First you have to jailbreak your device using a proper jailbreak tool and download Cydia.

Step 2: Then you can open the Cydia app on your Home Screen. Then you can find several tabs for different purposes.

Here are the tabs containing Cydia and the purposes of each tab.

Cydia - Home screen of Cydia app

Sources - Add and edit repositories

Changes - find updates of the installed apps

Installed - shows all downloaded apps and tweaks

Search - Find apps and tweaks you want

How to add a Repository to Cydia?

Step 1: Open Cydia and tap on the sources tab

Step 2: Tap on edit on the upper right corner and type the repository url on the given text field

Step 3: Then tab Add Source and the repository will be installed.

How to Download Tweaks on Cydia

Step 1: Open the Cydia app and tap on the search tab.

Step 2: Type the tweak you want to install

Step 3: Then tap on Modify -> Install -> Confirm

Step 4: Then the tweak will be installed. After installing tap on the restart springboard.

How to Delete Tweaks from Cydia

Step 1: Open Cydia and tap on the Installed tab.

Step 2: Tap the tweak you want to be deleted.

Step 3 : Then Tap Modify -> Remove -> Confirm

Step 4: After deleting tap on the restart springboard.


  1. Is Cydia free?

Yes. But some harmful tweaks may cause some virus issues. So be careful when you install tweaks using Cydia.

2.  Do I need to jailbreak my device to get Cydia?

Yes. But you can download the Cydia Demo app without jailbreak.

3. Are there any alternatives for Cydia?

Yes. You can download some third-party apps like Reposi, Taig9 IPA Store, Saynmo, etc, as the Cydia alternative apps.

4. Is Cydia Made by Apple?

No, Cydia was made by a third-party developer named Jay Freeman.

5. Does Cydia jailbreak my iPhone?

Not really. Cydia is only available after jailbreaking your iPhone with a jailbreak tool that offers Cydia.

6. What is the purpose of Cydia?

Cydia is used to install apps and tweaks that are not originally available for your iPhone/ iPad.

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