Jailbreak iOS 17 - iOS 17.0.3

iOS 17 Jailbreak
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This article is solely based on our experiments on the iOS 17 jailbreak solutions out there. We tested the discussed solutions below in a range of iPhones and iPads including the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max on the latest iOS 17, iOS 17.0.1, 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3

1. Tig Xingo Jailbreak for iOS 17 Jailbreak

Tig Xingo jailbreak tool is a brand new jailbreak tool released for iOS 17, yet supports below versions. We tested this tool on iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPad 10th generation, 2022, and were able to jailbreak the devices virtually to install Cydia Lite and Sileo Lite respectively. Also, with Sileo and Cydia Lite version we were able to install a range of tweaks that worked seamlessly on both of these devices without any issues.

Install Tig Xingo to Jailbreak iOS 17 Virtually and Install Cydia and Sileo Lite Versions

Install Tig Xingo →
Tig Xingo iOS 17 Jailbreak
Tig Xingo iOS 17 Jailbreak

Why Tig Xingo Jailbreak?

  • The installation process is straightforward and simple.
  • It enables you to customize your iPhone/ iPad in numerous ways including theming customization, installation of hundreds of third-party apps, hacked games/ emulators installation, etc.
  • The tested tweaks were 100% working.
  • Easy to use and uninstall at any time.
  • It's a safe virtual jailbreak tool, as the installation of the tool doesn't void Apple's warranty.

We will make the installation link available soon, once we test this iOS 17 jailbreak tool on more devices with iOS 17 public version.

Some other virtual jailbreak tools we tested were Checkra1n Mirror and Corellium X that you can install from the Reposi Repo Extractor below using the repo URL: https://ios17.jailbreak.cn/tool/

2. Reposi Repo Extractor

Reposi repo extractor is the next tested and verified  jailbreak solution by our team. It can be defined as the most comprehensive repo extractor due to the vast database that is updated regularly.

We tested Reposi on the following devices to install and use the mentioned apps on iOS 17 beta 8.

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max - Successfully installed Palera1n virtual, and installed Sileo Lite
  • iPhone 14 - Successfully installed and played Angry Birds 2 Hacked with premium features
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - Successfully installed and used Spotify ++
  • iPhone X - Successfully installed and used ChatGPT Siri Shortcut

During our test no freezing or device slowing issues were reported. Also, as per observations, installation of the Reposi app doesn't affect the battery life negatively.

We'd like you to have the great Reposi experience yourself using the button below!

Install Reposi Now →
iOS 17 Jailbreak and Cydia Repo Extractor
Reposi Repo Extractor

Here's a list of Repos that you can use on the journey.

3. Cydia Installer - iOS 17 Jailbreak Solution

Cydia installer is the next tested jailbreak solution. Up on the installation of the app, it detects your iOS/ iPadOS along with the device model and output you with a list of sources that are compatible with your device and iOS/ iPadOS to install Cydia on your device.

Cydia Installer iOS 17
Cydia Installer for iOS 17

If you are on iOS 17 developer beta 8, the Cydia installer app recommends you the available jailbreak solutions to get Cydia Lite. You can now figure out the where to install Cydia tweaks on your device using the Cydia Installer button below.

Download Cydia Installer Now →

4. Sileo Installer - iOS 17 Jailbreak Solution

Sileo installer also can be recommended as a trusted iOS 17 jailbreak solution, for it provides you with the sources to download Sileo/ Sileo Lite on iOS 17 Dev Beta on the device you use.

Using the Sileo Installer app is very simple. All that you have to do is to install the app and input the iOS/ iPadOS and your device model. Upon submission you can determine the best source to install Sileo on your device from the source list.

Now you can get the Sileo Installer from the Reposi Repo Extractor using the repo: https://sileo.install.cn/apps.repo/

5. Taig9 IPA Store

Taig9 IPA Store is a one-stop destination to download hundreds of IPAs of the categories below for FREE!

  • Social Media ++ IPAs
  • Jailbreak Tools IPAs
  • Hacked Games IPAs with premium features
  • TrollStore IPAs
  • DirtyCow IPAs
  • IPA Sign Apps
  • File Manager IPAs

Another key aspect of this IPA store is that all IPAs are revoke-free so you can use them in one go.

We tested the Taig9 IPA Store on the following devices on iOS 17, we can recommend this IPA store as a worthy jailbreak solution.

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max - installed Cowabunga Lite and used it without any errors or issues.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max - installed hacked Call of Duty with no recoil and radar
  • iPad 5th Generation - installed Clash of Clans with unlimited gems, elixir, and gold
  • iPad 10th gen (2022) - installed Palera1n virtual jailbreak and installed Sileo Lite successfully
Install T9 IPA Store Now →
Taig9 IPA Installer / Sideload IPA for iOS 17
Taig9 IPA Store

6. Palera1n for iOS 17 Jailbreak

Since iOS 17 will support A12+ devices only, there is a bit of a situation with Palera1n to jailbreak iOS 17 because Palera1n doesn't support A12+ devices.

According to the Palera1n team's update on Twitter, Palera1n tool will not add A12+ support for iPhones at all. However, the Palera1n jailbreak tool was able to jailbreak iPadOS 17 Beta 8.

Palera1n iOS 17 Jailbreak
Palera1n Jailbreak for iOS 17

Yet, we can recommend the Palera1n Virtual Jailbreak tool to jailbreak iOS 17 and install Sileo Lite since it passed our tests on array of devices including iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone XR, and iPad 5th generation.

We recommend the TutuBox Lite app to get Palera1n Virtual on iOS 17 since it worked for us!

Install Tutubox Lite Now →

7. Themone - iOS 17 Theme customizer

Themone is our last jailbreak solution that passed the test on iOS 17 public version as well as iOS 17.0.2 and iOS 17.0.3. We were successfully able to install the 3D Beatify theme on iPhone 14 Pro Max on iOS 17  using Themone.

Themone is a safe way to install Google launchers and for icon customization on your iPhone/ iPad, as it doesn't void the Apple's warranty. Also, the themes available on Themone are modern and trendy ones to give your device an elegant touch.

Install Themone App Now →
iOS 17 Non Jailbreak Themes
Themone Theme Installer App

iOS 17 Jailbreak News

Palera1n jailbreak supports iPadOS 17

The Palera1n team announced on Twitter that within the 1st 24 hours of iOS 17 Dev Beta release, they were able to jailbreak iPadOS 17. However, in the same Twitter they've indicated that Palera1n won't support iOS 17 as it supports A12+ devices only, which aren't supported by Palera1n.

Also, it was emphasized by the Palera1n team that they won't extend the tools support to A12+ in future.

Palera1n Tweets about iOS 17 Jailbreak Progress
iOS 17 Palera1n Support Tweet

Cowabunga Lite supports iOS 17 (No iOS 17 jailbreak needed)

Even though the original Cowabunga app doesn't support iOS 16.1.2 onwards, the Lite version of Cowabunga supports iOS 16.2 through iOS 17.

Key features of the Cowabunga Lite app include icon theming on iPhones and iPads, ability to customize the Status bar, Springboard options and Setup options.

According to the developer's note on Twitter, if you may experience a bit of freezing issues or bugs, that will likely to happen on iOS 17 Dev Beta, that's not because of the Cowabunga Lite, but due to the beta version of the iOS.

Cowabunga iOS 17 Support Tweet
iOS 17 Cowabunga Lite Support Tweet

Bakera1n supports iOS 17

Bakera1n, an upcoming jailbreak tool developed by the developer - dora2ios - had posted on Twitter that the Bakera1n tool works on iOS 17. However, there are not many sources available for the time being on this jailbreak tool yet. We'll be updating you on this tool's success toward iOS 17 jailbreak as soon as an update is released. Keep us bookmarked!

Bakera1n iOS 17 Update Tweet
iOS 17 Bakera1n Support Tweet 

Also, now you can explore how to jailbreak iOS 16.7, jailbreak iOS 16.6 - iOS 16 jailbreak and below versions on our iOS jailbreak page!

The latest news is available on the iOS 17.1 jailbreak page!

Why should you update to iOS 17.0.3?

Other than two security vulnerabilities were resolved, iOS 17.0.3 update caters to the previous issue of overheating your iPhone. Hence, it's worthwhile to update to iOS 17.0.3.

Can you jailbreak iOS 17.0.3?

All the jailbreak solutions discussed above are compatible with iOS 17.0.3 as well, however, there is no public version of a fully-functional jailbreak tool is available for iOS 17.0.3 jailbreak.

iOS 17.0.2 update of iPhone 15 Devices

If you use any device in the iPhone 15 range (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max) it is advised to update your device to iOS 17.0.2 before going ahead with any data transfer, otherwise there'll be likely issues in the process. There were reported instances where the iPhone 15 device got stuck upon transferring data before updating to iOS 17.0.2.

If that's the case with you, you can simply resolve the issue by following the steps below closely.

iPhone 15 stuck issue resolving guide

FAQ on iOS 17 Jailbreak

1. Can I jailbreak iOS 17?

No, you can't jailbreak iOS 17 fully-functionally with the root access for the time being. However, you can try a virtual iOS jailbreak tool such as the brand new Tig Xingo jailbreak or Palera1n virtual jailbreak to install Cydia Lite or Sileo Lite.

2. What is the highest iOS that you can jailbreak?

The highest iOS that you can achieve fully-functionally is iOS 16.5 jailbreak with the Palera1n jailbreak tool. The latest versions like iOS 17.3 are jailbreakable virtually. Learn more on iOS 17.3 Jailbreak.

3. Will Palera1n jailbreak support A12+ iPhones?

As per the Palera1n team's update on the Twitter, the Palera1n tool will not be updated to support A12+ iPhones.

4. What is Cydia in iPhone?

Cydia is a graphical user interface available to jailbroken devices that enables you to install third-party apps and tweaks that are not originally available in the Apple App Store.

5. Can I customize iOS 17 without jailbreak?

Yes, you can customize iOS 17 without jailbreak using trusted and verified apps such as the Reposi Repo Extractor, Taig9 IPA Store, Themone, etc.

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