Jailbreak iOS 16.7

Jailbreak iOS 16.7
iOS 16.7 Jailbreak Cover Image

Now that iOS 16.7 is out, we took the liberty to explore the top 6 iOS 16.7 jailbreak solutions that are completely tested by our teams and trusted.

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So, can you jailbreak iOS 16.7? Well, there is no public jailbreak tool available to jailbreak iOS 16.7 fully functionally. However, the discussed jailbreak solutions below open your device up for a plethora of customization options without jailbreak.

Please note that we ensure you that the discussed solutions below do not void the Apple warranty of your device.

Top 6 verified iOS 16.7 jailbreak solutions

1. Reposi Repo Extractor

Reposi Repo Extactor Image

Jailbreaking your device enables you to install any third-party app as you desire. Now you can do the same, without having to face any security vulnerabilities with the help of the Reposi app.

Reposi app is a Repo Extractor that lets you install a comprehensive array of hacked games, tweaks, Siri shortcuts, jailbreak/ virtual jailbreak tools, customizing apps, and more.

Check out all the available repos of Reposi here.

Reposi supported iOS/ iPadOS:

  • iOS 12 - iOS 17.0.3
  • iPadOS 13 - iPadOS 17.0.3

The Reposi app was successfully tested in iOS 16.7 on the devices below.

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPad 10th gen (22)

We didn't face any issues while installing or operating the Reposi app and were able to successfully install Cydia Lite through the Palera1n virtual jailbreak tool.

Install Reposi Now (FREE) →

2. Taig9 IPA Store

Taig9 IPA Store Image

Taig9 IPA store is a one-stop destination to sideload any IPA that you desire to your device without having to jailbreak iOS 16.7.

Taig9 IPA store stands out from the other IPA stores available out there for it enables you to use the IPAs on your device without revoke at all. Another key aspect of its competency is that the T9 IPA store is updated often so that you won't miss out on things.

Some of the most popular IPAs here are tweaked apps with premium features, hacked games, TrollStore IPAs, all DirtyCow tweaks, IPA Sign apps, free file manager apps, and the list goes on.

Taig9 IPA store itself and the IPAs available within can be downloaded completely for free!

Taig9 IPA Store supported iOS/ iPadOS:

  • iOS 12 - iOS 17.0.3
  • iPadOS 13 - iPadOS 17.0.3

The Taig9 IPA Store was tested with iOS 16.7 on the devices below to successfully install the intended IPAs.

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPad Pro (4th gen 22)

We were able to successfully install Reddit ++ and PUBG global running.

Install T9 IPA Store Now (FREE) →

3. Tutubox Lite

Tutubox Lite Image

Even though the first version of the Tutubox app only supports up to iOS 15 .6, its extended version - Tutubox Lite App - now supports iOS 16.7 and above.

We can recommend this app also as a trusted app as an iOS 16.7 jailbreak solution, for it worked favorably without any issues upon installation on the following devices.

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPad Pro (4th gen 22)

Tutubox Lite offers:

  • Tweaks - Social media ++ apps
  • Cracked games and emulators
  • Utility apps
  • jailbreak/ virtual jailbreak tools
  • iPhone customization tweaks
Install Tutubox Lite Now (FREE) →

4. Themone

Themone Image

We can recommend Themone as the best iOS customization app that you use on your device without an iOS 16.7 jailbreak.

Why Themone?

  • You can customize your iPhone/ iPad with Google launchers, personalized themes, or even with personalized icon packs of your choice.
  • The app doesn't slow your device down.
  • It's completely free to install.
  • Themone is a lightweight app with comprehensive features.

Themone supported iOS/ iPadOS:

  • iOS 17.0.3 - iOS 12
  • iPadOS 17.0.3 - iPadOS 13

Themone passed our tests on the devices below while installing the Beautify theme.

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPad Pro (22)
Install Themone Now (FREE) →

5. Saynmo

Saynmo Image

Saynmo is another iOS 16.7 jailbreak solution that passed our tests. Saynmo is a third-party app store that is freely available to you.

One of the most recognized features of the Saynmo app is that it offers you hacked/ cracked games with unlimited lives and gems with premium versions.

Other than the games, Saynmo also has a collection of worthy-to-explore tweaked apps, social media ++ apps, tweaks app, etc.

We tested Saynmo on the following iOS/ iPadOS to install Shopify ++ and the hacked version of PUBG.

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 12
  • iPad Pro (4th gen, 2022)
Install Saynmo Now (FREE) →

6. Tweakut as iOS 16.7 jailbreak solution

The last app that we tested successfully with a positive outcome is the Tweakut app. Tweakut app is widely known for its comprehensive offer of Siri shortcut tweaks. Out of them, the most loved collection is the ChatGPT Siri Shortcut tweak.

Tweakut iOS/ iPadOS support:

  • iOS 17.0.3 - iOS 12
  • iPadOS 17.0.3 - iPadOS 13

We were able to install the ChatGPT Siri shortcut tweak on the devices below on iOS 16.7 without any issues.

  • Phone 15
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 12

iOS 16.7 Jailbreak NEWS

Palera1n Version 2.0.0b7 supports iOS 16.7

As per a Discord source, Palera1n V2.0.0b7 now supports iOS 16.7.  It's said that the tool supports A8(X) - A11 devices on iOS 16.7. Also, the source emphasizes that if you use an A11 device, you can't use a passcode, Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple Pay in the jailbroken state.

Palera1n V2.0.0b7 supports iOS 16.7

You can also, check out the recent news on iOS 16.6 jailbreak, iOS 16.5 jailbreak and below along with iOS 17 jailbreak news on our iOS jailbreak page now!


Can I jailbreak iOS 16.7?

There is no public version of a jailbreak tool available for iOS 16.7. However, as per the Discord source above, Palera1n dev version 2.0.0b7 supports iOS 16.7.

Should I choose iOS 16.7 or iOS 17.0.3 to update my device?

It's your personal preference. However, iOS 17.0.3 caters to one of the major existing issues which is the device heating issue.

Is iPhone jailbreak safe?

It depends! If you can install third-party apps only from trusted sources, then jailbreaking can be safe for your device. However, it's not the case always as there are many spammy apps out there that can corrupt your device. However, if you still want to have more than what Apple originally offered you, you can use safe jailbreak alternative solutions as discussed above.

Can I reverse jailbreak?

Of course! There are tools available to reverse jailbreak to bring your device back to non-jailbroken/ jailed status.

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