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This article explores all the trusted and verified iOS 17.1 jailbreak solutions out there. We've tested these solutions against device slowing/ freezing issues, revoking issues, security threats, and functionality. So, we'd like to suggest that the solutions discussed in this article don't promote any of these issues.

To try these solutions, you need to update your iPhone/ iPad to iOS 17.1 / iOS 17.1.1 or iPadOS 17.1/ iPadOS 17.1 respectively. If you still choose iOS 17, you can check the prevailing solutions from the iOS 17 jailbreak page. If you are running on the latest iOS versions like iOS 17.2 or iOS 17.3, use the links below

  1. iOS 17.3 Jailbreak
  2. iOS 17.2 Jailbreak

Let's dig in with iOS 17.1 jailbreak Info!

Tested & Verified iOS 17.1 Jailbreak Solutions

1. Tig Xingo Jailbreak for Sileo Lite & Cydia Lite

Tig Xingo Jailbreak for iOS 17.1 Image

Tig Xingo jailbreak is a jailbreak solution that was newly introduced for iOS 17 jailbreak and later.

What does Tig Xingo Offer?

  • Sileo Lite and Cydia Lite package managers for free
  • Lifetime access to the apps and tweaks available within the tool
  • Zero revoke tweaks and apps
  • iOS paid apps
  • Hacked/ cracked games
  • Social media ++ apps including Spotify ++ with premium features

Tig Xingo Supported iOS

  • iOS 17.2 (Beta)
  • iOS 17.1
  • iOS 17.0.3 - iOS 17
  • iOS 16.7.2  - iOS 12

We tested the Tig Xingo jailbreak tool successfully on the following devices on iOS 17.1 without any issues or errors followed by installing and working with both Cydia Lite and Sileo Lite.

  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XR

You can now install the Tig Xingo jailbreak tool from the button below.

Install Tig Xingo Jailbreak Now →

2. Reposi Repo Extractor - iOS 17.1 jailbreak solution

Reposi for iOS 17.1 Image

Reposi is a repo extractor app that you can use without having to jailbreak iOS 17.1. Another key feature of Reposi is that the apps and tweaks you install from it are zero prone to revoke.

What does Reposi Offer?

  • Hundreds of hacked games with premium features such as unlimited lives/ coins/ gems
  • Top game emulators repos
  • Jailbreak repos
  • Theming/ customizing repos for iOS
  • Entertainment-related apps repos
Install Reposi on iOS 17.1 →

You can get the repo URLs from the Reposi page here!

Reposi Repo Extractor Supported iOS

  • iOS 17.2 (Beta)
  • iOS 17.1 - iOS 17
  • iOS 16.7.2  - iOS 16
  • iOS 15.7.3 - iOS 15
  • iOS 14.8.1 - iOS 14
  • iOS 13.7 - iOS 12

Reposi was tested on the following devices on iOS 17.1 without jailbreak and we were able to obtain all positive results.

  • Installed and played 8 Ball Pool on iPhone 15 Pro
  • Installed 123 Movies and downloaded a movie collection on iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Installed and used Revido shortcut repo on iPhone 11

3. Taig9 IAP Store - No revoked IPA for iOS 17.1

T9 IPA Store for iOS 17.1 Image

The biggest burden when using third-party IPAs is revoking. Our Taig9 team took the initiative to resolve this burden and introduced the no-revoked IPA store for you; the T9 IPA store. You can install the Taig9 IPA store without the iOS 17.1 jailbreak now using the button below.

Install T9 IPA Store Now →

What does Taig9 IPA Store Offer?

  • Tweaked app IPAs - Spotify ++, InShot Pro, Reddit ++, Tinder ++, and many more
  • Gaming IPAs (Cracked) - PUBG Global Cracked, Clash of Clans Cracked, Call of Duty Cracked, etc.
  • TrollStore IPAs - BlizzBoard theming, Bullfrog Assistant (IPA signing), etc.
  • File Manager IPAs
  • 3rd Party App Stores IPAs
  • Jailbreak IPAs
  • Other apps supported by the T9 IPA Store on iOS 17.1 and iOS 17.1.1: Misaka Tweak Manager, Cowabunga Lit

The Taig9 IPA store supports iOS 12 through iOS 17.2 beta without jailbreak.

This IPA Store was tested on iOS 17.1 on the following devices.

  • iPhone 15 Pro
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone XR

4. Themone for iOS 17.1

Themone for iOS 17.1 Image

Themone is another trusted iOS 17.1 jailbreak alternative solution that was tested and verified by us. Themone is a theming engine with Google launchers, customizable themes, and icon packs that you can use on iOS 17 without jailbreak.

Themone too supports iOS 17.2 beta through iOS 12. Themone passed our tests on iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 to successfully install and use Google launchers.

Install Themone App Now →

If you use iOS 17 or below, explore more on iOS 17.2 jailbreak, iOS 17 jailbreak, iOS 16.7 jailbreak and more on the iOS jailbreak page now.

Palera1n for iOS 17.1 Jailbreak

Palera1n for iOS 17.1 Image

As per the Palera1n sources the Palera1n-C version is said to support iOS 17.1 - iOS 17. As a result, the range of Palera1n-C supported devices has been expanded further. Moreover, Palera1n-C currently supports BindFS 16.0+ which means the users can customize their devices now with better flexibility.

When it comes to iOS 17.1, the Palera1n-C version supports the A11 devices below.

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X

However, it's important to remember that Palera1n still doesn't function positively on iOS 16.4 as it creates an infinite loop.

Try Palera1n Downloader Now →

You can find the Palera1n installation guide on the Palera1n jailbreak page.

iOS 17.1 Jailbreak News

Palera1n 2.0.0 beta 8 supports iPadOS 17.1 - iPadOS 17

According to a Discord source as depicted below, the newest Palera1n Beta version now supports iPadOS 17.1 and iPadOS 17 on Checkm8-compatible iPads.

The range of successful iPads include,

  • iPad Pro 2nd Generation (12.9-inch)
  • iPad Pro (10-5 inch)
  • iPad 7th Generation Devices
  • iPad 6th Generation Devices
Palera1n news of iOS 17.1 image


1. Can I jailbreak the iPhone 15?

There is no fully functional public jailbreak tool available to jailbreak iPhone 15 for the moment. However, you can use all the discussed iOS 17.1 jailbreak solutions to customize your iPhone 15 range of devices without jailbreak.

2. How can I install Cydia/ Sileo on iOS 17.1?

As no jailbreak tool is available publicly for iOS 17.1 jailbreak, there is no method to install fully functional Cydia or Sileo. However, you can use the Tig Xingo virtual jailbreak tool above to install functional Cydia Lite and Sileo Lite.

3. Can I jailbreak iOS 17.1 with Palera1n?

Not yet, but the good news is that iPadOS is jailbreakable using the Palera1n jailbreak tool. Once the support is extended to iOS 17.1, we'll update you immediately.

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