Top 5 Cydia Apps for iOS 16

Cydia Apps for iOS 16

Cydia is one of the most famous package managers that is being used on many jailbroken devices. Let’s begin with the basics. First of all, to get fully-functional Cydia on your iPhone or iPad, you have to jailbreak your device first. Jailbreaking involves getting access to your root files so that Cydia can do its job of installing whatever the app that was initially restricted from installing by your device's default permissions.

Cydia is an app store with numerous amounts of apps that serve different purposes. Also, with Cydia apps, you can enjoy some of the latest iOS features on your current iOS. Regardless of the iOS you use, you can check out the ways to get Cydia on your iPhone or iPad by visiting our Cydia page here!

How to get Cydia Apps for iOS 16?

So far, jailbreak tool developers are experimenting with how to jailbreak iOS 16 and we can have a fair share of hope for a successful jailbreak tool to be released for iOS 16 quite soon. However, for the time being, you can get a lite version of Cydia on iOS 16 using the virtual jailbreak tool discussed on our iOS 16 jailbreak page here!

Nonetheless, there are some great alternatives to Cydia apps for iOS 16 that you can install on your iOS 16/ iPadOS 16 devices right away without actually jailbreaking them. This article discusses the most useful Cydia apps for iOS 16 you can download once iOS 16 jailbreak becomes a reality, followed by the ideal alternatives for those apps that you can install RIGHT NOW without having to jailbreak iOS 16. Let’s dig in!

1. Anemone Cydia App

Anemone is a Cydia app for iPhone customization that enables you to get personalized themes, wallpapers, and icon packs on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. However, since Anemone requires jailbreaking, you can’t get Anemone on iOS 16 yet, but  we’ve found a great alternative that serves the same purpose for iOS 16 that doesn’t require jailbreaking.

Themone app as Anemone alternative

Themone app serves iPhone/ iPad customization with over 75 collections of customizable themes, Google launchers, and icon packs. Themone is a no-jailbreak app for iOS 12 – iOS 16.1. You can install Themone 100% free right now from the button below and obtain more information on the Themone page here!

Install Themone →

2. Cydia Games

Cydia comes with a big collection of popular games that can’t be downloaded from the Apple App Store such as Angry Birds, Temple Run, and so on. However, if you are to have them on iOS 16, first, you have to jailbreak your device, and then download and install the relevant Cydia game emulator. The good news is that there is a great Cydia alternative that serves the purpose above and beyond with no jailbreak at all!

Saynmo as a Cydia alternative for games

Saynmo offers you over 40 hacked/ cracked games along with game emulators that can be installed on iOS 16.1 and below without jailbreak. Some of the Saynmo games offer unlimited gems and coins too! A few most famous games that Saynmo offers are Minecraft, Clash of Clans, PUBG, Angry Bird, Injustice2, and many more. Read the complete guide on how to install Saynmo on iOS 16.1 and below from our Saynmo page here or click the button below to download Saynmo right away!

Install Saynmo →

Other no-jailbreak Saynmo offerings

You can download jailbreak apps available for your iOS without jailbreaking the device from Saynmo. Also, you can download customized iOS themes, iOS tweaks and Cydia demo app without actually having to jailbreak iOS 16.1 and below!

3. Barmoji Cydia App

Barmoji allows you to have iPhone X keyboard on older iOS versions along with adding a quick-access Emoji bar to the current keyboard. To use Barmoji, you’ll have to jailbreak the device first and install Cydia. The Jian app is a more comprehensive Barmoji alternative for iOS 16.1 and below.

Jian as a Barmoji alternative

Jian is the best Barmoji alternative available out there for iOS 16 keyboard customization without having to jailbreak your device. With the Jian app, you can change the keyboard theme, customize keyboard fonts, customize the Emoji keyboard, and many more. You can install Jian on iOS 16 right now from the Ataler app store below.

Install Jian from Ataler →

4. HideMe8 Cydia App

With the HideMe8 app, you can hide those irritating icons and elements on the LockScreen that you don’t use. The HideMe8 app also requires you to jailbreak the device. But now you can do the same and more using the Launchify app that doesn’t require jailbreaking your device.

Launchify as HideMe8 alternative

The Launchify app supports iOS 16.1 and below that can be used for multiple customizations. The Lauchify app enables you to hide unnecessary apps or remove them easily. Moreover, you can customize app drawers, customize icon positioning, and personalize themes on the home screen with Launchify. The Launchify app can be downloaded 100% free from the Ataler App Store below!

Install Launchify from Ataler →

Other no-jailbreak Ataler App Store offerings

One of the best Cydia alternative apps for Movies is the Movian app from where you can watch hundreds of movies and TV series on iOS 16.1 and below with your iPhone without having to jailbreak it. With Movian, you don’t have to skip irritating ads, and most importantly it’s 100% free!

5. Youtube++ Cydia App

If you spend a lot of time on youtube but are irritated with the constant ads, then the Youtube++ Cydia app is for you! This app eliminates the ads that play before any video and enables you to save every Youtube video. Also, you can listen to Youtube, while using another app in the background. However, this Cydia app requires you to jailbreak the device first. Below is a no-jailbreak alternative!

Tweaqi app as Youtube++ alternative

Tweaqi app offers you a range of HTML shortcuts, Siri shortcuts, social media ++ apps, game emulators, and music apps that are not available in the App Store. The ProTube++ app serves as a great alternative to the Youtube++ Cydia app because you can enjoy similar features without having to jailbreak iOS 16.1 or below! Download Tweaqi right away for 100% free from the button below!

Install Tweaqi →

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