Top 10 iOS Tweaks for iOS 15 [No Jailbreak Needed]

Top 10 iOS tweaks for iOS 15

Is there a way to install iOS tweaks without jailbreaking? Well that is a good question and tweaking iOS 15 does not depend on Jailbreak thanks to Jailbreak community and Apple Shortcut Developers

iOS hackers and jailbreak developers are working on iOS 15 jailbreak. Checkra1n, unc0ver and Taurine are at the top of the list of iOS 15 jailbreak possibilities. As jailbreakers we are really excited about what iOS 15 tweaks are available after jailbreaking.

Here are the top iOS 15 jailbreak tweaks you can install even without iOS 15 Jailbreak.

Siri shortcut based Tweaks for iOS 15

1. Wetr

Wetr - jailbreak tweaks for iOS 15

Wetr is a lock screen customization tweak. Using Wetr you can change your lock screen wallpaper with amazing live weather conditions. Using this tweak you can feel the weather around you even on your phone. No matter if it is partially cloudy, windy, thunderstorms or showers.

2. Homescreen Creator

Homescreen Creator - Tweak for iOS 15

Add a new look to your iPhone using Homescreen creator shortcut. It will give a stylish look to your iPhone device.

Here are the features of Homescreen Creator shortcut.

  • hide notch
  • mask wallpapers
  • 3 Themes to choose from
  • style the dock
  • add icon shadows
  • add widget shadows
  • build and save layouts

3. ClassicaLS

ClassicaLS - Tweak for iOS 15

Want to add a classic look to your iPhone even if your device is running iOS 15. Then ClassicaLS is the solution. It is a shortcut that allows you to add classical iOS 6 lockscreen style to your iOS 15 running device.

4. ShowBoard

ShowBoard - Tweak for iOS 15

ShowBoard allows you to customize your device’s lock screen and home screen with amazing wallpapers and icons.

5. YoorWeather

YoorWeather -  Tweak for iOS 15

You can apply different types of home screen wallpapers and lock screens using the YoorWeather shortcut. It has a variety of lock screens and home screens.

6. WeatherHTML Installer

WeatherHTML - Tweak for iOS 15

Using the WeatherHTML shortcut you can easily customize the device’s homescreen and lock screen with different themes.

7. ShowDock

ShowDock - tweak for iOS 15

ShowDock is another shortcut for iOS customization. Using this shortcut you can add effects to the lock screen. It allows you to add layers to your own wallpaper.

8. Overlay Paper Tear

Overlay Paper - tweak for iOS 15

Now it is easy to add an amazing torn paper effect to your selected wallpaper with Overlay Paper Tear shortcut.this effect also hides the dock.

9. ShowAE

ShowAE - Tweak for iOS 15

Adding overlay effects to the icons is now easy with the ShowAE shortcut. Using this shortcut you can apply more than 50 overlays to your chosen icon themes.

10. Blurred Background Frame

Blurred Background Frame - Tweak for iOS 15

This shortcut allows you to blur or darker the wallpaper around the icons. You can choose the amount of blur, darkness and the corner radius of the box.

How to Install iOS 15 Jailbreak Tweaks

All the above mentioned jailbreak tweaks can be installed using a single app called Tweaqi Reborn. This app is specially designed for iOS 15 and higher versions. iOS 15 and iOS 15.2 tweaks are also available in Tweaqi Reborn. It contains a large number of Siri Shortcuts available for jailbroken and non jailbroken devices.

You can install Tweaqi Reborn from the below button.

Install Tweaqi Reborn

How Tweaqi Reborn Works?

Note: Before proceeding with the below step make sure you have downloaded the Apple Shortcuts app from the Apple Store.

Step 1: First install the Tweaqi Reborn app from the above Install link.

Step 2: Launch the app and then you can see the list of shortcut categories.

Step 3: Tap on the category you want. For example, if you want to find shortcuts of Entertainment then tap on the Entertainment category.

Step 4: Now you can see all the available shortcuts under your selected category. Tap on the Get button and then tap on the Set Up Shortcut button

Step 5: Now it will be added to the Apple Shortcuts app. Enjoy!

iOS 15 Tweaks available in Tweaqi Reborn

Tweaqi Reborn app contains various categories of iOS 15 jailbreak tweaks. Here are some popular tweaks available in Tweaqi Reborn.


  • Just Another YouTube Downloader
  • Shazam++
  • Background Sounds
  • Instagram Download
  • Tiktok++
  • Spotify To MP3

Life Style

  • Let’s ride
  • Garage Door
  • Open Apple TV
  • Sleep Timer
  • Night shift random


  • Remote control
  • Open screenshots
  • Check email
  • Set brightness by battery
  • Speak article


  • Save this for later
  • Check Apple news
  • Search web
  • Check App Store
  • Safari Dark Mode


  • New iOS version
  • What OS version
  • Water Eject
  • Google Translate
  • Download Video

iOS 15 Cydia / Jailbreak Tweaks

Cydia will be automatically installed after jailbreaking your device. There are a large number of jailbreak tweaks available in Cydia. Here are some popular Cydia tweaks for iOS 15.

  • 3DBadgeClear
  • MoreFrequentlyUsedEmojis
  • A-Font
  • A-Shield
  • Accelerated Home Button
  • Accent
  • AdGuard
  • AddToFolder
  • AlarmVolume
  • Amonglock
  • AppData
  • AppStore++
  • Apple File Conduit 2
  • Applist
  • Apps Manager
  • Arkrome
  • BHTwitter
  • Batterylife
  • BetterCCXI
  • BetterSettings

All the above-mentioned tweaks are the best iOS 15 jailbreak tweaks. Stay with taig9 for the latest updates.

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