iOS 14.8 - iOS 14.8.1 Jailbreak

iOS 14.8 - iOS 14.8.1 jailbreak

Find and download the available jailbreak tools for recently released iOS 14.8 - 14.8.1 and iPad OS 14.8 - 14.8.1.

Jailbreak Tools

  1. Checkra1n ✅ - iOS 12.3 - iOS 14.8.1 Jailbreak Tool
  2. Unc0ver ✅ - Unc0ver jailbreak supports iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 Jailbreak and it supports iOS 14.8, but not iOS 14.8.1
  3. Taurine ⚠️ - Taurine / Odyssey 14 Jailbreak is not yet supported for iOS 14.8 - iOS 14.8.1. Find the Taurine Jailbreak section below for more details

Jailbreak Apps, Games and Alternative Tools

  1. Breakjail ✅ - iOS 14.8.x Jailbreak Tool Finder and Downloader supports all the devices
  2. Saynmo ✅ - iOS 14.8.x Jailbreak Tools, Apps and Games Store
  3. Taigone ✅ - Best Jailbreak Alternative for iOS 14 devices
  4. Tweaqi ✅ - Tweaked Apps, Hacked Apps and Games for Free
  5. Colorup ✅ - iOS Theme and Wallpaper App Store for non jailbroken devices

iOS 14.8 Jailbreak Tools and Apps

1. Checkra1n

iOS 14.8 - iOS 14.8.1 jailbreaking is possible with Checkra1n Jailbreak. But still, Checkra1n does not support devices above iPhone X.

If you use iPhone X or Below, you may go ahead with Checkra1n.

Checkra1n Downloader
For iPhone XS, XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 users can use Unc0ver for iOS 14.8 Breakjail, Saynmo or Tweaqi for iOS 14.8.1

If you use a newer device like iPhone 12 or iPhone 11 Checkra1n is not for you. Please check Breakjail section or Saynmo section and find jailbreak tools or jailbreak alternatives for iOS 14.8.

If you need to check the compatibility of Checkra1n with your iPhone model and iOS version, you may visit the Checkra1n Downloader page. Let’s see how to check the jailbreak ability of your iPhone.

Here is the step guide for checking Checkra1n Jailbreak Compatibility for  iOS 14.8

Step 1: Visit Checkra1n Downloader page using the PC / Your Phone.

Step 2: Select your iPhone model and iOS version and click the Check Compatibility button.

Step 3: Then you will direct to another page. In there select your Computer OS. Select your computer OS (Windows, Linux or Mac)

If your iOS 14.8 running device is not compatible with Checkra1n it will show available jailbreak alternatives for iOS 14.8.

Step 4: Then provide your email address follow the onscreen instructions to get the Checkra1n Jailbreak Tool / Premium Guide with support.
If you have an iPad, please check the below iPad OS 14.8 Jailbreak Section.

If you need more information on jailbreak using Checkra1n, feel free to visit our Checkra1n Jailbreak

2. Unc0ver

Unc0ver jailbreak is released for iOS 14.8 with its latest release, v 8.0.1 but it does not support iOS 14.8.1.

If you are running on iOS 14.8, using a device like iPhone 12 (A11-A14) and looking for online jailbreaking tool, unc0ver is the best available solution

How to install Unc0ver?

There are a few ways to install Unc0ver Jailbreak. Some of the following methods require a PC / Computer. Breakjail and Taigone are the no computer online methods.

How to Jailbreak iOS 14.8 using Unc0ver[Step by Step Guide]?

Steps and steps guide will be updated soon. Please keep in touch for the complete guide.

Until the jailbreak steps are updated, find more information and steps at Unc0ver Jailbreak Page

3. Breakjail

Breakjail - iOS 14.8 Jailbreak Tool Finder

There are multiple ways to find the jailbreak tools for iOS 14.8 and Breakjail, iOS Jailbreak Tool Downloader is one of the best among the available tools. It is very easy to find and Install Breakjail. Just Tap on the button below to install Breakjail for Free.

Install Breakjail

4. Saynmo

Saynmo is the best available Jailbreak Apps and Jailbreak Tools finder for iOS 14.8. It supports all the existing iPhone including iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models. It also supports the latest iPhone 13 running on iOS 15 or 15.1.

Install Saynmo

If you are planning to update to iOS 15.1, you may try  iOS 15.1 Jailbreak Tools listed in this article

5. Tweaqi

Tweakqi - Jailbreak Apps, Tweaked Apps for iOS 14.8

Now you don’t need to worry about jailbreak all the time with the latest iOS versions. With the Tweaqi tweak store, you can enjoy dozens of the latest iOS 14.8 jailbreak and non-jailbreak supported tweaks. Customize your iPhone themes, customize your icons, wallpapers, and many more iPhone customization tweaks for you with a simple click.

Install Tweaqi via Ataler

6. Colorup

Colorup - iOS 14.8 Jailbreak Themes

Have you ever thought about changing your default iOS wallpaper with your lovely picture or with your favorite picture? Your iPhone theme into a fantasy theme, super hero theme, neon theme or any lovely theme? Here you have the best option. We know that it is a kinda difficult task for iOS users. Now you can install the Colorup iPhone customization app for your iOS 14.8 jailbreak or non-jailbreak on any device. You can simply convert your iPhone into a neon themed, love themed, nature themed or any of your favourite themes from the collections. All your icons, wallpapers and widgets and everything will look more exciting than these everyday use default ones. Colorup is not just for customization but also includes a collection of iPhone wallpapers under several categories, themes collections, and many more for you.

Install Colorup via Ataler

7. TaigOne

Taigone for iOS 14.8

TaigOne is all about jailbreaks and tweaks. TaigOne can install for iOS 14.8 jailbreak or non-jailbreak devices without any limitation. TaigOne has a collection of the best jailbreak tools such as Checkra1n, Taurine, Unc0ver, etc, a few tweak stores, famous iPhone games cracked versions with higher features than the normal game, Whatsapp watusi and other social media ++ versions and many more most wanted app and tweaks for you. You can enjoy all these apps and tweaks simply by installing TaigOne on your latest iOS 14.8 iPhones.

Install TaigOne

iOS 14.8 Jailbreak Possibilities / Possible Jailbreak Tools

1. Taurine

Taurine Jailbreak supports up to iOS 14.3 at the moment and it is the only available jailbreak tool for Jailbreaking iOS 14, for the latest devices like iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. So the hope for Taurine Jailbreak release is high among jailbreak lovers who use iPhone XS and above devices like iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 / Pro / Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini or Other iPhone 12 variants.

You may use breakjail, jailbreak tool downloader to check the availability of Taurine or any other jailbreak tools like Unc0ver for your device.

When you jailbreak using Taurine, Sileo will be installed on your device as the package manager instead of Cydia. Check Cydia for iOS 14.8 below in this article.

2. Manticore Jailbreak

Manticore is an open-source jailbreaking tool and it is planned to support the latest devices like iPhone 12, So iOS 14.8 jailbreaking on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 will be possible with Manticore too. But there are no public releases for Manticore at the moment and please keep in touch with us for more details.

iPad OS 14.8 Jailbreak

Similar to iOS 14.8 Jailbreak, iPad OS 14.8 is also jailbreakable using Checkra1n and supports iPad 5th generation, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 1st generation, iPad 6th and 7th generation, iPad Pro 2nd generation. If you have any doubt about the checkra1n support of your iPad device running on iPad OS 14.8, Please follow the first two steps to check device compatibility using Checkra1n Downloader Tool.

Step by Step Guide to Jailbreak iPadOS 14.8 using Checkra1n

Step 1 - Visit Checkra1n Downloader Page from your iPad or using your Personal Computer

Step 2 - Select your iPad Model and iPad OS version (14.8) from the drop-down list and click on “CHECK COMPATIBILITY” button. This step will check whether your device is compatible with Checkra1n.
If your device is not compatible with checkra1n, you will be suggested to install jailbreak alternative tools for iOS / iPad OS 14.8

Step 3 - If your device is compatible with Checkra1n, you will be asked to select your computer / PC operating system as Checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool and can only be used/installed using a computer. So Select your Operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac

Step 4 - Once you select the OS, you will be guided through the next steps and there you will verify your email address and be categorized as a premium customer with Jailbreak Guides and support or you can continue only with the free tool as Checkra1n Jailbreak is a 100% free tool to download and use

Check more details  at Checkra1n Jailbreak

Cydia for iOS 14.8 / iPad OS 14.8

Installing Cydia and other package managers for iOS 14.8and iPad OS 14.8 is only possible via jailbreaking. Cydia v 1.1.36 is compatible with iOS 14 and that will work perfectly with iOS 14.8 as well. Once you jailbreak iOS / iPad OS 14.8 with Checkra1n, Cydia will be automatically installed and it will be the default package manager.

Installing Sileo / Zebra or any other package managers are also possible for jailbroken devices. Sileo and Zebra are considered as latest and high-speed package management software for iOS 14.8.

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