iOS 14.3 Jailbreak

iOS 14.3 Jailbreak

There are 3 Jailbreak Tools available to jailbreak iOS 14.3. Unc0ver and Taurine can be installed online without a computer while Checkra1n needs a PC with Mac, Linux, or Windows.

  1. Unc0ver Jailbreak
  2. Taurine Jailbreak
  3. Checkra1n Jailbreak

Let's see how to download and install these jailbreaking apps/tools without a computer.

1. Unc0ver (Online Method)

unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 14.3

The latest Uncover Jailbreak v7.0.2 supports iOS 14.3 and it supports all the iPhone models including iPhone 12. Unc0ver IPA is freely available on their official website but you need to sign the IPA before using your device.

The easiest method to install Unc0ver without a computer is, BreakJail, which is a jailbreak tools downloader for iOS 14.3.

You can download the latest version of unc0ver v7.0.2 using BrakJail.

This latest unc0ver version is also available for iOS 14.4 - iOS 14.5.1 versions. Visit iOS 14 Jailbreak page for more information.

2. Taurine Jailbreak (Online Method)

Taurine is an online jailbreak tools that supports iOS 14 - iOS 14.3. Taurine compatible with all devices up to A14. That means iPhone 12 devices running on iOS 14 - iOS 14.3 can be jailbreak using Taurine.

You can download the latest version of Taurine using BreakJail.

3. Checkra1n Jailbreak (PC Jailbreak method)

Checkra1n Jailbreak for iOS 14.3

This is the iOS 14.3 PC method of jailbreaking. Since Checkra1n jailbreak is based on iPhone vulnerability, this can be considered as iPhone Jailbreak for iOS 14.3. Now we can jailbreak iOS 14.3 and iPadOS 14.3 using the Checkra1n jailbreak.

See Checkra1n for MacOS full Guide from here.

Also, Checkra1n is available for iOS 14.4 jailbreak, iOS 14.6 - iOS 14.7.1 jailbreak and iOS 14.8 jailbreak.

Jailbreak using Checkra1n on Windows?

If you are looking for Checkra1n Windows or Checkra1n Linux solution, you can try bootra1n, ra1nstorm, webra1n, or any other custom build of Checkra1n Jailbreak. Explore more about iOS 14.3 Bootra1n Jailbreak and Download Bootra1n from the checkra1n jailbreak page.

Here are the Jailbreak Solutions for iOS 14.3

1. Ataler

Ataler is no jailbreak iOS customization app store. You can download Ataler for iOS 14 - iOS 14.3 without jailbreak. Ataler supports all the newest and older devices.

What you can get from Ataler?

  1. iOS themes and wallpapers
  2. iPhone keyboard customizers
  3. Jailbreak tweaks
  4. iOS launch screen customizers
  5. Movie streaming apps and more.

You can install Ataler from the below Install Ataler button.

Install Ataler

2. BreakJail

BreakJail is a jailbreak tools downloader. You can download all available jailbreak tools for iOS 14.3 using BreakJail. The latest version of unc0ver and Taurine jailbreak is available on BreakJail.
Install BreakJail from the below button.

Install BreakJail

3. TaigOne

TaigOne is a jailbreak tool finder for iOS 14.3. You can download TaigOne from the below button.

Install TaigOne

TaigOne is known for jailbreak and nonjailbreak apps and tweaks. It supports iOS 14.3 and can be used to install jailbreak tools, apps, hacked apps, and games or tweaked apps. The non-jailbreak tweaks of Taigone consist of web OS for iPhones, thousands of third-party apps and apps stores, jailbreak repo extractors, tweaked games, and many more.

After installing TaigOne, you will be able to download Jailbreak Tools for iOS 14.3 such as,

  • Unc0ver iOS 14.3
  • Checkra1n iOS 14.3
  • Taurine iOS 14.3

All these are included in one app - TaigOne. This will bring you all the jailbreak tools, jailbreak apps, and tweaks for iOS 14.3 once they are available. This is easy to install and download TaigOne from the above download button.

4. TweakMo

TweakMo is a famous Jailbreak and non-jailbreak tweak store. It is known as a third-party app store for non-jailbroken devices. It has extended the support to iOS 14.3 as well. You will find tweaks compatibility checker, third-party apps, hacked apps, hacked games, and jailbreak tweaks in TweakMo.

Find apps like Tinder++, Spotify++, Crunchyroll++, saavn++, vk++, nds4ios etc. Find Jailbreak tools such as Checkra1n jailbreak, Taurine Jailbreak and many other jailbreak tools, Sileo Demo, Cydia Demo, FilzaEscpaed, and many more from TweakMo. This will bring you all jailbreak tweaks and no jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14.3.

Install TweakMo

What is the possibility of an iOS 14.3 jailbreak online without a computer? Let’s find out while discussing each of these methods.

iOS 14.3 Jailbreak News

Here is exciting news from the @ModernPwner official Twitter with a smell of new jailbreak hope. A new kernel exploit named cicuta_virosa for all iOS iPadOS running 12.0 to 14.3. Not just the iOS but also all types of bionic chips including the A14 Bionic chip included devices. The full coded new cicuta_virosa LPE now  @ModernPwner published in their Github page for all the hackers and jailbreak geeks for further developments.

Cydia for iOS 14.3

Cydia for iOS 14.3 or Sileo for iOS 14.3 will be available only after a successful jailbreak. So if you have jailbroken iOS 14.3 with checkra1n, then you can have Cydia as checkra1n's default package manager is Cydia.

And also Cydia will have after jailbreak using unc0ver, even for the latest devices such as iPhone 12.
If you prefer jailbreak using Taurine, you will have Sileo as the default package manager.

The advantage of Cydia is the ability to install jailbreak repos like BigBoss, Packix, Dynstic or apps like Barrel, cylinder etc. These make the way for smooth customization of the iOS.

iPadOS 14.3 Jailbreak

iPadOS 14.3 is also a milestone upgrade for iPadOS 14. So, the same story as iOS 14.3, the jailbreak for iPadOS 14.3 is available with Chekra1n jailbreak. This is a computer-based jailbreak.

An online jailbreak for iPadOS 14.3 is Unc0ver jailbreak. Taurine also available for iPadOS 14.3 jailbreak.
You can use the other alternative jailbreak methods for iOS 14.3 to iPadOS 14.3 for cracked iPad apps with or without jailbreaking.

iOS 14.3 Jailbreak iPhone 12 and iPhone 11

This is intriguing as iPhone 12 jailbreak or else jailbreak for iPhone 12 is already available. The advanced technology of the A14 Bionic chip is the tricky part in this jailbreak finding. And  iPhone 12 jailbreak is finally here.

Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 14.3 supports successfully as they promised their jailbreak support up until iOS 15. But it is for iPhone 5S - iPhone X as for now. So iOS jailbreak/ iPhone jailbreak and iPad Jailbreak 14.3 is possible with checkra1n on that occasion.

UPDATE: iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 can be jailbroken up to iOS 14.3 using Unc0ver Jailbreak and Taurine Jailbreak.

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