How to install hacked/cracked games on iOS 16 - iOS 16.5?

How to install hacked/cracked games on iOS 16 - iOS 16.5?

Many of us like to experience beyond the default when it comes to iOS and iPhones. However, some iPhone users tend to refrain from installing hacked/ cracked games because they think twice about jailbreaking their iPhones/ iPads, especially to jailbreak iOS 16 and later versions including iOS 16.1 - iOS 16.5.

Also, for the time being, iOS 16 jailbreak is only possible with virtual means. The good news is that we have tested a bunch of hacked/ cracked games that you can get on iOS 16/ iOS 16.0.1 with no jailbreak. Also, here's how to install hacked/ cracked games on iOS 15 versions.

Here’s a complete guide on how to download hacked/ cracked games on iOS 16 - iOS 16.5 with no jailbreak. Also, there are great advantages of choosing hacked/ cracked games on iOS 16, without using the Apple App Store. For instance, hacked/ cracked games are completely free and come in with free unlimited coins and gems. Let’s dig in!

1. Taig9 IPA Store - hacked/ cracked games without iOS 16.5 - iOS 16 jailbreak

Install Taig9 IPA Store Now →

Taig9 IPA store is an IPA repository from where you can download a wide array of IPA with no revoke and no restrictions. This IPA store not only contains hacked/ cracked games but also contains no-revoke IPAs of jailbreak tools, DirtyCow tweaks, File Manager IPAs, IPA sign Apps, TrollStore IPAs, Tweaked IPAs, etc.

  • Supports: iPhone 14 Pro Max and below versions

Listed below are only a few hacked/ cracked games offered by the T9 IPA store for iOS 16.5 and below without jailbreak.

  • DeepTown
  • Line ‘Em Up
  • Room and a half
  • Dead Cells plus
  • Candy Crush
  • Angry Birds
  • Zooba
  • Royal Match
  • Minecraft
  • Spider Man 2
  • Fortnite
  • 8 Ball Pool Hack

2. Reposi - hacked/ cracked games without iOS 16.5 - iOS 16 jailbreak

Install Reposi App Now →

Reposi repo extractor is another reliable source to download hacked/ cracked games without having to jailbreak iOS 16.5 - iOS 16.

Reposi also supports the latest iPhone models including iPhone 14 Pro Max.

To install hacked games from Reposi,

  • Step 1: Install the app using the button above.
  • Step 2: Add the repo URL: http://gaming.repo/hacked/
  • Step 3: Install the desired hacked game/s.

Here's a complete guide on how to install games on Reposi.

3. Saynmo App Store for hacked/ cracked games

Saynmo is a no-jailbreak app store that can be installed on both iOS and iPadOS. Sanymo offers a great variety of apps other than hacked/ cracked games on iOS 16/ iOS 16.0.1, including iOS 16 jailbreak tools, customization apps for iOS 16, tweaked apps for iOS 16, etc.

How to install Saynmo on iOS 16/ iOS 16.0.1?

To install Saynmo, you can use either one of the following ways. Then, follow the onscreen instructions as illustrated below.

1. Install Saynmo using the Jailtrial App

Install Saynmo Now →

2. Install Saynmo using the Web App

Install Saynmo Now →

Important: Use a Safari browser to proceed with the installation.

How to install hacked/ cracked games on iOS 16 from Saynmo?

  • Step 1 – First, open the Saynmo app.
  • Step 2 – Then, tap the Games tab.
  • Step 3 – Next, select the preferred game and tap on it to download.
  • Step 4 – Then, tap Install.
  • Step 5 – Let the installation complete and finally enjoy the game!

Hacked/ cracked games offered by Saynmo

Saynmo contains over 40 hacked/ cracked games and game emulators on its repository and the following are some of the most famous hacked/ cracked, free games you can install without having to jailbreak iOS 16.

  1. Clash of Clans HK - RTS game
  2. Minecraft - Adventure game
  3. Pubg hack 2.1.0 - Action game
  4. iPoGo - Similar to Pokemon Go game
  5. Baseball 9 HAK - Baseball game
  6. Tanks a Lot - Action game
  7. Bloons-TD HAK – Tower Defense game
  8. Smash Hit HAK - Rail shooter game
  9. Archero HAK - Action game
  10. Hill Climb HAK - Road and platform game
  11. Hero Hunters HAK - Shooting game
  12. Clash Royale hack - RTS game
  13. Township - Strategy and management game similar to Hay Day
  14. pvz 1 HK – Defense game
  15. PvZ 2 IOSGODS HK - Defense game
  16. Getting Over It - Platform game
  17. GTA San Andreas - Action-adventure game
  18. Amongus - Action game
  19. Dead By Day Light - Multiplayer horror game
  20. Dream League Soccer - Soccer game
  21. Essential Anatomy 5 - Anatomical reference game
  22. into The Dead - Action game
  23. Survivalist HK – Adventure survival game
  24. Zooba HK - Action game
  25. 8ballpool - Pool game
  26. Injustice2 - Action game
  27. Crush them All - PVP Idle RPG game
  28. INSIDE HK - Puzzle platform game
  29. Armed Heist - Shooting gun game
  30. Angry Birds - Casual Puzzle game
  31. Subway - Endless runner game
  32. Bully - Action-adventure game
  33. Sniper 3D - Gun shooting game
  34. Agario - Action game
  35. Brawl Stars - Battle and shooting game
  36. CarX Street-Night Street racing game
  37. CarX Highway Racing - Racing game
  38. Traffic Rider - Motorcycle riding game
  39. Grim Soul Survival - Dark fantasy survival game
  40. Age Of Magic - Fantasy game

Why Saynmo to install hacked/ cracked apps on iOS 16 - iOS 16.5?

  1. All the games are 100% free!
  2. Offers over 40 famous hacked/ cracked games and game emulators.
  3. Some games come with unlimited coins and gems.
  4. You can install Saynmo and the games without having to jailbreak iOS 16.
  5. Supports iOS 16.0.1 and below.
  6. Supports all devices including iPhone 14.
  7. Sleek and user-friendly UI.

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