How to Get Zeon Freemium for Free [iOS 14 – iOS 16.3]

Zeon Freemium for Free

Zeon is a no-computer jailbreak solution that was initially designed to serve the purpose of iOS 14 jailbreak. However, with Apple Inc. going ahead with the other iOS versions from iOS 14, Zeon started catering to them eventually with a price tag. You can enjoy a wide variety of customized themes, customized apps, games, app stores as well as jailbreak app installers with Zeon. Moreover, Zeon supports both Cydia and Sileo package managers.

In this article, we have discussed how Zeon can serve the purpose of iOS jailbreaking including iOS 16 jailbreak. Most importantly, you can enjoy all premium services of Zeon from us just for zero cost by utilizing our Zeon Freemium code. Keep digging!

Zeon Compatibility

iOS compatibility

  • iOS 14 jailbreak variants
  • iOS 15 jailbreak variants
  • iOS 16 jailbreak variants

Device compatibility

  • From iPhone 11 to the latest iPhones that support iOS 14 and above
  • From iPad 8 to the latest iPads that support iPadOS 14 and above, including iPad Pro

Zeon Exclusive Offerings

  • Zeon Repo Extractor - Zeon Repo extractor serves you with over 1000 sources of tweaks, themes, game emulators, music apps for iOS 14 and higher versions.
  • Zeon Jailbreak Apps - Zeon Jailbreak Apps component consists of different jailbreak apps as well as app stores that promote exclusive customization.
  • Zeon Tweaks - Zeon Tweaks component consists of a great collection of tweaks and shortcut apps that function through the shortcut feature of Apple. The tweak shortcuts will appear on your screen once you tap on the tweaks after opening the Zeon App.

How to download Zeon Freemium Code Free?

Step 1: You can download Zeon through our Jailtrail App. So, first up, download the Jailtrial App using the button below.

Try Jailtrial Now →

Step 2: Once you complete installing the Jailtrial App, you will see the Jailtrail App shortcut on screen as depicted in the image below.

Step 3: Now open the Jailtrial App, and tap ‘Install’ next to Zeon icon.

Step 4: Once you tap Install, you will get a Configuration Profile notification as below, then tap “Allow.”


You can find the Zeon Freemium Code in the ‘Special notice’ segment as depicted in the image below.

Step 5: Then, you get the Profile Downloaded message and act accordingly by reviewing the Settings App on your iPhone.

Step 6: As you open the Settings App, now you can see Zeon under ‘Downloaded Profile’ and Jailtrial under ‘Configuration Profile.’ Then, select ‘Zeon’ as highlighted in red below.

Step 7: Next, you will be navigated to the following screen. Tap, “Install.’

Step 8: Now enter your password.

Step 9: Finally, you can locate the Zeon shortcut on the screen as depicted below.

Step 10: Open Zeon and make use of the Zeon Freemium code that you obtained under Step 3 to enjoy premium access to Zeon.

Top Five Zeon Alternatives

1. Breakjail

Breakjail is an iOS jailbreak tool finder that you can use as an alternative to the Zeon Jailbreak Apps component. Breakjail supports iOS 9 versions to iOS 15 and works on any new or old A12, A13 and A14 supported iPhones and iPads.

2. Ataler

Ataler is an alternative for the Zeon Repo Extractor component that supports iOS 9 versions to iOS 16.3. However, Ataler is a no jailbreak customization app for iPhones and iPads from which you can install free apps, free themes, tweaks, iOS App launchers, and much more.

3. Saynmo

Saynmo can serve you as an alternative to both Zeon Repo Extractor and Zeon Jailbreak Apps components. With Saynmo, you can find no-jailbreak apps to customize your iPhone or iPad, tweaked apps, hacked/cracked games, a variety of CarPlay apps as well as jailbreak tools for iOS 15 and above including iOS 16.3.

4. Themone

Themone is the newest theme and icon installer out there that can be utilized to customize your iPhone or iPad with no jailbreaking. Themone supports iOS 12 versions to iOS 16.3 as well as similar versions of iPadOS. You can find a good collection of themes, icon packs as well as Google launchers on Themone.

5. Tweakut

Tweakut is an alternative for Zeon Tweaks component for it serves you with a great variety of tweaks including Siri shortcut-based tweaks, HTML tweaks, as well as Cydia tweaks to be used without jailbreaking your iPhone and iPad. The Tweakut supported iOS versions are from iOS 9 to iOS 16.3.

6. Reposi

Reposi is the latest repo extractor in the market that enables you to get a Cydia-like experience on non-jailbroken devices. The Reposi app comes with hundreds of the most useful repose to install a wide array of third-party apps on your iPhone/ iPad in seconds.

Try Reposi Now →

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