SpooferX for iOS - Spoofer for Pokémon Go

SpooferX for iOS - Spoofer for Pokémon Go

The obsession with the Pokémon Go of gaming enthusiasts never goes subsiding thanks to spoofers like iPogo and SpooferX Hack for iOS. SpooferX makes your Pokémon Go adventure much easier and stress-free with its exclusive features! You can enjoy all that without jailbreak now.

This article introduces you to the SpooferX Pokémon Go hack for iOS with its key features and offers you SpooferX IPA COMPLETELY FREE to download.

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SpooferX supported iOS Versions

  • iOS 16
  • iOS 15.7.7 - iOS 15
  • iOS 14.8.1 - iOS 14
  • iOS 13.7 - iOS 13

Top Free SpooferX Pokemon Spoofer Features

  1. The Built-in Spoofer option allows you to set a fake GPS location in the game, enabling you to teleport to any region of your city or any location on Earth.
  2. Joystick Feature provides you with a joystick that makes it easier to move around the virtual world in the game.
  3. Spoof GPS Location allows you to manipulate your GPS location within the game.
  4. Speed Settings allow you to adjust your virtual walking speed.
  5. The IV Previews feature provides previews of individual values (IV) for Pokemon.
  6. The Enhanced Throw feature of SpooferX gives you more control over your throws, including Normal, Nice, Great, Excellent, and Random throws.

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Additional Features in SpooferX Pro Version

Apart from the free features above, the SpooferX Pro Spoofer for Pokemon Go offers the following exclusive features with a small price tag.

  1. Ability to prevent non-shiny and non-100% Pokemon from appearing.
  2. Fast catch mode for quicker catching.
  3. Freeze Pokemon in their current position.
  4. Customize Pokeball settings.
  5. Boost Pokémon spawn rate.
  6. Remove AR scan quests if desired.
  7. Use My Ball Feature with Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball
  8. Automatically remember the last used Pokeball.
  9. Simulate the functionality of a virtual Go Plus device.
  10. Fast Map loading
  11. Ability to skip animations
  12. PokeX Live Feed feature
  13. Ability to Remove AR Scan Quests
  14. SpooferX Cooldown Warnings

Key SpooferX App Settings for Pokemon Go

Another widely admired aspect of this Spoofer of SpooferX for Pokemon Go is the comprehensive range of settings that enables you to have a more advanced and convenient Pokemon Go experience! Check them out below.

  1. Adjust the speed of movement to your preference.
  2. Instantly move to any desired location.
  3. Generate predefined routes for navigation.
  4. View the map within the SpooferX app.
  5. Export settings, routes, and saved locations.
  6. Release caught Pokemon directly.
  7. Activate the advanced AR+ Expert Handler feature.
  8. Enable automatic cleanup of your item bag.
  9. Easily toggle various options on or off as needed.

SpooferX IPA Free Download

Now you can download the SpooferX IPA without spending a single penny from the Taig9 IPA Store. Follow the below step guide closely, and it's yours!

Step 1: Tap the button below to download and install the Taig9 IPA store for no-revoked IPAs free!

Install Taig9 IPA Store Now →

Step 2: Install the IPA store following the on-screen instructions and open it.

Step 3: Tap the Recently Updated section as highlighted above.

Step 4: Now, scroll down to locate the SpooferX IPA and tap Get.

Step 5: On the screen below tap Download with T9 Store option.

Step 6: Complete SpooferX IPA sideloading following the on-screen instructions. Enjoy!

SpooferX FAQ

1. Do I need a Key for SpooferX?

Not essentially! You can enjoy SpooferX without a key for free. However, for extra features, obtaining the Key is compulsory.

2. Why doesn't my SpooferX key work?

The most likely reason for this could be a payment issue, so first, check if your payment has gone through. Then, to display your key, tap the Find Key Button. If the issue exists still, contact the SpooferX team on Discard.

3. What is Cooldown in SpooferX?

Cooldown is the time duration that you should keep waiting after an in-game action. Cooldown is determined by the distance of travel between your in-game actions.

4. Why does my Pokemon keep fleeing?

The most likely reason for this is the Cooldown.

5. Can I purchase multiple SpooferX keys?

Of course. However to buy multiple SpooferX keys, you need to provide separate emails.

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