Panda Helper - Hacked iOS Apps for Free

Panda Helper - Tweaked and Hacked iOS Apps for Free, Supports iOS 16 and up

Panda Helper Lite enables you to download a wide array of apps including hacked games, social media++ apps, entertainment apps, and other tweaked apps on your jailbroken/ non-jailbroken devices. However, if your iPhone/ iPad was not jailbroken, you may not be able to install some apps as a result of the enterprise certificate being revoked.

The app works on both iOS & Android. This article focuses on,

  1. Panda Helper Lite Features
  2. VIP Privileges
  3. App's Top Offerings
  4. Install Panda Helper Lite
  5. What is Panda Helper Jailbreak?
  6. FAQ
  7. Top 3 Panda Helper Offerings

Panda Helper Lite Features

  • Download apps that are not available to download through the Apple App Store on iDevices.
  • You can sign IPAs and install apps using the Enterprise certificate in Panda Helper Lite on jailbroken/ non-jailbroken devices. However, some IPAs and apps won’t work on non-jailbroken devices due to certificate revoking.
  • Ability to use the search bar to look for the apps you like and the app shows you a few sections such as New Updates, New Uploads, VIP Apps, and Top VIP apps.
  • Enjoy VIP privileges with $11.99 per month including free super certificates, free download, cloud save ability, app clone feature, and, Save&Load feature, and other features as discussed below.

Panda Helper Lite VIP Privileges

  1. Cheat Engine – This feature lets you cheat in your game through a process that scans the program for some values or codes and then by changing them.
  2. iSigner – With this feature, you can install any signed app on your iDevice without jailbreaking it.
  3. Speeder- This enables you to change the speed of your game, so it sets you in the perfect condition for you to win the games more easily. The Speeder feature lets you both speed up and slow down the game.
  4. App Cloner – This feature is for opening more than one copy of the same app simultaneously on a single device. You can use different accounts with each copy.
  5. Auto Clicker – You can set up point-and-click actions using this feature while using any app or game.
  6. Cloud Save – This saves your game data on iCloud automatically, so no data will be lost while reinstalling the games.

Top Panda Helper Lite Offerings

Listed below are only a few Pro offerings of Panda Helper Lite and there are hundreds of more apps you can install using the button below.

Hacked/ cracked games

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Hack with unlimited energy
  • Raft Survival: Desert Nomad Hack with unlimited currencies
  • Last Day Rules: Survival Hack with No Recoil
  • Pokemon Go++ by ipogo
  • Idle Burger Empire Tycoon—Game Hack
  • Bloons TD 6 Hack with God Mode
  • NBA CLASH: New Basketball Game Hack
  • GT Manager Hack
  • MovieBox Pro
  • ZiniTevi
  • The Simpsons:Tapped Out Hack [US]
  • Call of Duty: Mobile Hack
  • Candy Crush Hack
  • Minecraft
  • Angry Birds 2 Hack

Social media++ apps

  • Youtube++ Cercube
  • Instagram Rocket
  • Snapchat++
  • TikTok++
  • Facebook++
  • WhatsApp++
  • WhatsApp++ Watusi 3
  • TikTok Unicorn
  • YouTube uYou
  • T-Tinder++
  • Instagram Rhino
  • OnlyFans
  • Tinder++
  • Twitter++
  • TikTok Inhouse

Entertainment Apps

  • Smule
  • SoundCloud++
  • Spotify++

Install Panda Helper Lite

You can install Panda Helper Lite through the Jailtrial app as demonstrated in the step guide below.

Step 1: First, install the Jailtrial app by tapping the button below. (Use on-screen instructions)

Install Jailtrial →

Step 2: Next, scroll down to the Panda Helper Lite app and tap Install.

Step 3: Then, tap Allow in the configuration profile message.

Step 4: Next, close the Profile Downloaded message.

Step 5: Then, open the Settings app, and tap Profile Downloaded.

Step 6: Tap Install on the top right corner of the Install Profile screen.

Step 7: Enter your password.

Step 8: Tap Install on the Installing Profile screen.

Step 9: Next, tap Done on the Profile Installed screen.

Step 10: Finally, locate the Panda Helper Lite icon on your Home Screen and Enjoy!

What is Panda Helper Jailbreak?

Panda Helper Jailbreak is the ideal solution for the revoking issue. That means if you install an app through Panda Helper Jailbreak, that app stays without revoking. But, in the case that you uninstall Panda Helper Jailbreak, the apps installed through it won’t open anymore.

To install Panda Helper Jailbreak Repo, follow the steps below closely.

Step 1: Open Cydia >> Sources >> Edit >> Add.

Step 2: There, add the repo URL:

Step 3: Once you locate the PandaHelper package, tap Install.

Step 4: Accept the respring request.

Step 5: Finally, you can locate the PandaHelper Repo+ on your Home Screen.


Will Panda Helper Lite void my iPhone’s warranty?

Not at all. As the app doesn’t require root access to your device, there is no reason for your Apple warranty to be void.

What to do with the “Panda Helper Won’t Verify or Download” error message?

The most likely reason for this error message is that the certificate of the app is revoked. You have to replace the certificate if this happens. To do so, delete the app from your iPhone/ iPad and try again after waiting for a few hours.

How often are new certificates released by developers?

Generally, it happens once a month. However, a couple of hours are required for the installed app to stop working when a new certificate is released.

How can I fix the “Untrusted Developer” error?

Open Settings >> General >> Profile and tap the Developer Name. Then, tap Trust and close the Settings app.

Top 3 Panda Helper Lite Alternatives

1. Reposi

  • Reposi is a repo extractor for iOS 12 – iOS 16.2 & iPadOS 13 – iPadOS 16.2.
  • No jailbreak is required.
  • Does not void Apple warranty.
  • Offers: Jailbreak apps, Cydia installers, Hacked games & game emulators, Entertainment apps, Tweaks, Theming & customizing apps

2. Tweaqi

  • Tweaqi is a jailbreak tweak installer for iOS 9 – iOS 16.2 & iPadOS 13 – iPadOS 16.2
  • No jailbreak is required.
  • Does not void the Apple warranty.
  • Offers: Siri shortcut-based tweaks, HTML tweaks

3. Saynmo

  • Saynmo is a third-party app store for iOS 9 – iOS 16.2 & iPadOS 13 – iPadOS 16.2.
  • No jailbreak is required.
  • Does not void the Apple warranty.
  • Offers: Jailbreak tools, Jailbreak tweaks, Hacked/ cracked games, Game emulators, App stores

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