Jailbreak iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max / iPhone 13 mini (A15 Jailbreak)

iPhone 13 Jailbreak

iPhone 13 jailbreak will be available with popular jailbreak tools like unc0ver, Taurine, and Checkra1n. But not yet officially confirmed about supporting iPhone 13.

But there are some apps and tools available for iPhone 13 jailbreak and iPhone 13 customization. Let’s see possible and available jailbreak tools and apps for iPhone 13.

There is news that a white hacker has jailbroken iPhone 13 within a few seconds. Read more.

iPhone 13 Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks

There are several apps available to customize iPhone 13 devices with and without jailbreak.

1. BreakJail

BreakJail for iPhone 13

Breakjail is a jailbreak tool downloader. You can find and download the available jailbreak tools for iPhone 13 using breakjail. Tap to below install breakjail button to install it free.

Install Breakjail

2. Themone

Themone is an iOS customization app. iPhone 13 customization with and without jailbreak is possible with the Themone app. Here are the amazing features that Themone app offers.

  • iOS Themes
  • Icon Packs
  • iPhone Wallpapers
  • Enable light mode and dark mode
  • Lock Screen Images

How to Download Themone?

You can download Themone app using Ataler. Tap on the button below to download the Ataler app.

Download Ataler

3. Colorup

Colorup for iPhone 13

Colorup is another iOS customization app that supports iPhone 13. You can download amazing iOS themes and wallpapers using Colorup. It supports both jailbroken and non jailbroken devices.

Here is the amazing Colorup theme collection.

  • Seifi Monitor Theme
  • Holo Cube Theme
  • Apple 3D Theme
  • Apple of Eden Theme
  • Superman Theme
  • Cyan Neon Theme
  • Green Archy Theme

You can get the following wallpaper categories using Colorup.

  • 3D Images
  • Cities Images
  • Pattern Images
  • Cars Images
  • Objects Images
  • Animals
  • Evening Images
  • Girls Images
  • Nature Images
  • Flower Images
  • Lifestyle Images
  • Super Hero Images
  • Romantic Images

You can download Colorup using Ataler.

4. Tweaqi

Tweaqi for iPhone 13

Tweaqi is a tweak installer. You can download iPhone 13 jailbreak tweaks with Tweaqi. Installing iPhone 13 themes, wallpapers, customizing the default icons of iPhone 13 do more iOS customization is easy with this Tweaqi app. No need to jailbreak iPhone 13 device to install Tweaqi.

Tweaqi is a user-friendly app that can be downloaded using Ataler.

Possible Jailbreak Tools for iPhone 13

1. Unc0ver for iPhone 13

Unc0ver is the biggest hope for iPhone 13 jailbreak. iPhone 12 jailbreak is already possible with unc0ver and this time unc0ver team is surely working on iOS 15 jailbreak on iPhone 13.

Unc0ver will be the first jailbreak tool for iPhone 13 as well as a stable online jailbreak for iPhone 13. Cydia is the default package manager for unc0ver.

2. Taurine for iPhone 13

Taurine is the next hope for iPhone 13 jailbreak. Same as unc0ver, Taurine has jailbroken the latest iPhone 12 device models. Taurine is also an online jailbreak method that comes with Sileo package manager and Cydia as the default package manager.

3. Checkra1n for iPhone 13

Checkra1n is not a big hope for iPhone 13 jailbreak. Because checkra1n only supports older iPhones. Devices below iPhone X are not compatible with checkra1n. Probably iPhone 13 checkra1n will be possible with a new version of checkra1n. But the possibility is low. However stay with taig9, we will update you frequently.

The newest and older models are jailbreakable too. Please check the iPhone Jailbreak Page for other devices.

Cydia for iPhone 13

Once Unc0ver or Taurine jailbreak is released for iPhone 13, Cydia will be available for iPhone 13. After installing unc0ver and Taurine jailbreak tool Cydia will be automatically installed as the default package manager.

Sileo for iPhone 13

Taurine jailbreak comes with Cydia as the default package manager and Sileo as the other package manager. Sileo will be available for iPhone 13 after Taurine jailbreak releases for iPhone 13.

A15 Jailbreak Compatible Devices

iPhone 13 devices come with A15 bionic chip. A15 iPhone models are,

  1. iPhone 13
  2. iPhone 13 mini
  3. iPhone 13 Pro Max
  4. iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13 Jailbreak News

A white-hat hacker has jailbroken iPhone 13 series within a few seconds. It is approximately done by 1 second. This exploit is done remotely and allowed the hacker to delete photos and other files on the phone. This achievement has done by a hacker from Pangu Labs.
This is exciting news for those who are waiting for iPhone 13 jailbreak. So now we can say that iPhone 13 jailbreak is not far away.

Now that iPhone 14 is out, you can read everything on iPhone 14 jailbreak here!

iPhone 13 Features brought from Jailbreak Community

Apple added new amazing features to the new iPhone 13 design. iOS 15 is the supported iOS version for the iPhone 13. There is some interesting news that Apple has stolen some features from the jailbreak community to iOS 15. Let’s see what those are.

  1. Focus mode -Focus mode is a newly added feature of iOS 15. You can filter notifications according to your location with this feature. Apple got some functionalities from PureFocus tweak to implement this feature.
  2. Redesigned notifications - Redesigned notification experience is similar to that Apple has taken from jailbreak tweaks like Velvet and Quart.
  3. Pull to refresh in Safari -Apple introduced pull to refresh feature in Safari. The idea of this feature taken from Pull to Refresh jailbreak tweak.
  4. A new grid layout for safari - it is easier to view all of the open tabs on Safari. This feature is similar to the GridTab for safari jailbreak tweak.

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